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While the words fill out the plot, the pictures in a book help the reader visualise what the author was describing. Book Writing League employs some of the industry's most seasoned, talented, and top-tier children's book illustrators, any of whom would be thrilled to include your preferred design aesthetic into the book.

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Just how do I go about pressing "Publish" on my manuscript?

We've been around the block enough times to know how to make compelling tales. No matter how long or short your manuscript is, you'll get the care and consideration it deserves. Every word we edit has been thoughtfully injected and honed for maximum reader impact. Because no job is too huge or too tough when you have professionals like us working together as part of such a one-stop solution, our book publishers and book editing experts take on every project from start to finish.

If we want every reader to find their ideal book, we have to make sure that everything from the opening paragraph to the final sentence is perfectly orchestrated. Our proofreaders and editors are waiting with bated breath for the next book we've been entrusted with.


Children's book illustrations are essential, therefore you must know what kind you need before you start.

It is important that you understand there is more than one subgenre of Children's Book Illustrations before you contact us for help with your project. Are you unfamiliar with the numerous types of visual representations? Now, let us inform you.


Particular Example:

One example of spot illustration is the use of a single illustration on the title page or opening page of each chapter to add personality to the text or clarify the plot. Above each chapter's title, which often takes up only a quarter of a page, there is usually some sort of illustration, be it simple line art or a small caricature. They are less emotionally charged and serve only to pique the reader's interest or spark their imagination.


One-half page illustrations:

Half-page illustrations are those that take up more than a quarter of a page, but less than half. Illustrations like these typically accompany the text they accompany by portraying one of the story's most exciting parts, and they are not limited to the title page of each chapter. It could be a scene, the introduction of a new character, a brief disagreement between two of the main characters, etc.


Only one image per page:

These pictures are normally full page in size and are far more detailed and expressive than the ones previously described. Because of the level of information, the accompanying text is often unnecessary.


Post images:

Spread throughout both sides of the book, these drawings convey the author's message with deeper emotion and detail than the prose does at this stage. In some ways, they resemble comic books, however each page is dedicated to a single image rather than a series of panels.

Our Illustrating Process for Children's Books in 5 Easy Steps!

The Book Writing League has developed a comprehensive five-step procedure to ensure that your Children's Book Illustrations are exactly what you envisioned them to be. Because illustrators in different parts of the world follow largely the same procedures, it is to everyone's benefit if we inform our clients in advance of what to expect.


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When it comes to authoring a book, the most important steps are editing, proofreading, and publishing. We're aware of the time and energy required, the tenacity and resolve required, and the difficulty that comes with doing this alone, so why not get some assistance? All it takes to reach us is a phone call, text, or electronic mail. Work together, please.

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